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The Completion Level of Your Training.


The Polish

OnboardMe™ CRM System

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Ordering Small Equipment

Scheduling Software

Payment Processing

Employee Handbook

Standard Operating Procedure

Customer Process

Direct Response Website

Liability Insurance 101

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Contracts and Paperworks

Final Inspections

Certificate Of Occupancy

Recruiting Employees

The Phone Interview

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Employee University

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Finding Interns

The Formal Interview

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Employee Testing

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Hiring Process

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Background Checks

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Your Team First Meeting

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Final Housekeeping Items

The Dry Run

Breaking The System

Final Inspection

Test Clients

Establishing Customer Expectations

Establishing Employee Expectations

Customer Legal Stuff

Employee Legal Stuff

Grand Slam Orientation

Pre Testing

Applied Test Process

Post Testing

Feedback Checklist


Final Team Meeting

The Soft Launch

Soft Launch Framework

Applied Soft Launch Framework

2 Prongs


Customer Stage Characteristics

Funnel Stage Characteristics

Establish The Gap

Core Offer Development

Tripwire Splintering

Lead Magnet Creation

Understanding Stage Metrics

Funnel Performance Analysis

Optimizing Your Funnel



The Grand Opening

Grand Opening Budget

Permits and Licensing



Food and Catering

Could Weather Plan

Invitee List





Prizes and Raffles

Live Entertainment

Photography and Video

JV Deals and Partnerships


Printed Materials

Irresistible Offer

Calls To Action

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Offline Marketing

Online Marketing

Event Analysis

Final Tweaks